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2023 TBG Central Zone Group Hunt Recap - West Point WMA

Howdy TBG,

I want to start off by thanking everyone who attended the central zone hunt at West Point WMA, man what a fantastic time we had. The hunt started on Thursday the 28th and we had quite a few show up the first day, in fact two people showed up early on Wednesday. Several members spent most of the day scouting on Thursday and a few went ahead and had a sit for the evening. Dark

Derrick Debout with a fine West Point WMA doe.
Derrick Bebout with a fine West Point WMA doe.

had fallen and all but one of us had already retired to the campfire and were engaged in some tall tales when Derrick Bebout finally rolled back into camp. Derrick had found success on the first evening's sit. Several members went back out with Derrick and assisted in the track and retrieval of a fine young doe. The rest of the hunt was spent with a lot of sightings and a solid miss from yours truly on a nice 2.5yr old 8pt. Friday evening saw the biggest crowd with a total of 17 members in tow for a fine meal of smoked Boston butt and all the trimmings. West Point is a fine and often overlooked WMA with 10,000 acres to hunt. The WMA hasn't had much pressure this year and if you have a good pair of boots, you can really get into some fine hunting areas. Again thank you to all who attended, and thank you to Tony Smith for helping all weekend with camp hosting. I look forward to the next one and I hope to see you all there. May all of you have a fantastic season and judge your success not just on critters

killed, but experiences had. Til I see you again, may the wind be in your favor and your shots be true.

Seth Holland

TBG Central Zone Rep

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