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Sweat Equity

By: Chris Harper

Originally published in November 2022 TBG Newsletter

When I first started hunting pigs, I was told that if I had not gotten on pigs, I had not put enough miles in. I

do not know about y’all but when someone calls me to go pig hunting, it is hard to pass the opportunity. I

have started a new job but was able to squeak a day off to make it to a weekend hunt, with my buddy

Dendy Cromer, late one Thursday evening. We had already planned on the heat and rain and boy did we

have a plethora of both.

We hit the woods Friday morning bright eyed and bushy tailed. After checking a few spots that did not play

out, we decided to go somewhere we were confident there were going to be pigs. We were right. As some, if

not all, of you know, the wind is not your friend in the woods. Down in the swamps of South Georgia, the

wind is never blowing a singular direction. We moved the truck and put a plan together to hunt the wind as

best we could after being busted right out of the gate. While getting our stuff together at the truck, a boar

hog came trotting up the road, took a look at us, and bolted down into the swamp. It happens, keep it going.

We are picking our way through the swamp and stop to talk about a new plan and out of a slough ahead of

us, the same boar hog pops out, looking at us. Both of us freeze. We stand there in deadlock with the pig

about 10 yards away. The wind is on our side with this one. Finally, he decides to move along and Dendy,

being the snap shooter he is, plans to take advantage of the ignorance. Unfortunately for us, the wind

decided it was not that time and right after the pig clears a big pine, he busts. Whatever, there are always

more. This is when we decide to stick together. Rock, Paper, Scissors for first shooter. Dendy nails me with

Rock to my Scissors – lucky.

We pick our way through the heat and humidity for about an hour before catching movement up ahead.

Dendy locks on and makes his move. Pig comes right to us and Dendy hits it right in the middle of the neck.

Unfortunate, but that should get the job done. We blood-trail into a thicket and make the decision that the

pig is going to make it. Those suckers are tough! While discussing the next plan of action, I see movement up

ahead and tell Dendy there are pigs coming. I pre-draw and this 30-40 pounder comes trotting along and

catches a whiff of us. It stops dead in its tracks and stares at us through the brush. Being 5 yards away, I

decide to take the shot and my arrow deflects off something and sails ten times the distance. Dang, it is

Dendy’s shot again! I did retrieve that arrow. The rest of the evening was uneventful between being busted

by wind, the heat, and the rain.

Saturday rolls around and we have a plan for an area close to the river. The heat and humidity are on in full

force. Once again, Dendy beats me with Rock – damn Scissors. We spend a few hours in this area and get

busted by the wind a few times. Time to take a break and cool off for the evening hunt.

Making our way to the evening spot and the bottom falls out. We sit in the truck for an hour and a half

waiting for the rain to let up – it does not. After getting checked by the Game Warden, we decide it is time to

hit the woods, rain be damned. Dendy goes one way and I go another. I am following a branch and cannot

hear anything due to the rain and slowly pick my way through the swamp. About 20 minutes later the

branches that Dendy and I were following cross and we run into each other. After talking about the action,

or lack thereof, we split again and move on. Over a mile into the swamp, it is time to drink some water. I

take my pack off and prop up on a log and take a break. While looking at the map, I hear something and look

up. There’s Dendy coming down the branch I am on. It is getting close to dark at this point and we decide to

pair up again. Dendy is kind enough to give me lead this time. We are not 15 minutes from moving on and

Dendy catches sight of some bushes moving. I key in on it and make a move to get down wind. I move in and

at about 15 yards I draw. The pig catches a bit of my movement and faces me; I hold. When the pig decides I

am not a threat he turns, and I put an arrow right in through the heart. Finally!

After a celebratory fist bump, we move in to check out the pig. It is the same boar hog from the day before!

Sure enough, there is a broadhead wound going through his neck. This pig was not phased a bit – tough! We

make quick work of the pig and get to the truck well after dark. Great weekend, despite the weather.

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