We are the traditional bowhunting organization set in the beautiful state of Georgia. We are a group of folks that believe the simple arc of a drawn bow is a beautiful thing. That to go to the woods with simple bows and arrows is one of life’s great pleasures. We tend to rate a hunt’s success by the experience far more than the antler score. We believe skill comes from learning, and animals taken with simple equipment and woodsmanship simply mean more.

Todd Cook // President

Hi folks, I’m Todd Cook and have been proudly serving as the TBG President for the past four years. This organization means so much to me and I would gladly serve another term.


I, along with the other officers have worked hard to make the TBG enjoyable for everyone. Our group hunts, our banquet and our state shoot will always be my passions, and I have big things in mind for all of those going forward.


I believe in giving back to the club. Club raised money should always be spent wisely, but it should be spent with the thought” how does this help the club?” That’s why we raffled off the bear hunt at last years banquet. It’s why we pay for guest speakers to come. It’s why we provide a meal and often the camping fees at our group hunts. We do it because you the members matter to us. YOU are why we do this.

Going forward I intend for every paid up member to have a current membership card yearly. I intend for the state shoot to grow in size, likely to double what it is now. I intend to have some nice dress shirts and ballcaps with our logo available for purchase. Car tags and logo decals are likely too. And above all I intend for our hunts to be more productive and more often. Your vote would be most appreciated.

Vance Henry // Vice President

My name is Vance Henry and I reside in Thomson, GA, a small town located just west of Augusta, GA. I’m married to my beautiful wife Khrista. Between the two of us we have four teenage children, of which two are attending college. We are an outdoor family. In my professional life, I’m the General Manager of an Industrial and Commercial HVAC company, responsible for one of five locations.


I’ve been Bowhunting since I was fifteen years old. Although I was unsuccessful in those early years, I never gave up. Ultimately, I found success. Somewhere around the mid 90’s I made the decision to quit
carrying a firearm and start carrying a compound bow exclusively for big game. And that’s the way it continued up until a few years ago. Although I dabbled with traditional gear off and on for several years, I finally pulled the trigger and sold everything with a pulley and haven’t looked back since. Today, my preferred weapon is a longbow but I’ll shoot anything made of wood. I’m a huge advocate of understanding the game being pursued. I take pride in constantly practicing the art of becoming a better woodsman. And lastly, I’m a firm believer in close range Bowhunting. The closer the better.


In addition to being a proud member of TBG, I have been a member of the Pope and Young club since 2008, an official measurer for Pope and Young since 2010 and a current member of Professional Bowhunters Society.

Crispin Henry // Northern Zone Rep.

Hello Guys, My name is Crispin Henry also known as C4 (chenryiv) thanks to Dendy, I’m your Northern Zone Representative and reside in Dunwoody, GA, which is located in the northern suburbs of Metro Atlanta. I have been happily married to my wonderful wife, Karen and a beautiful daughter, Parker, who enjoys shooting her bow with her daddy..

I started bow hunting in my late teens, but it wasn’t until 2013 that I made the switch to traditional and became a member of TBG. The TBG family has helped me in my pursuits of becoming a better woodsman and bow hunter. I primarily shoot ALS (Hill Style) long bows and wood arrows and am an avid suburban hunter. If I can help or assist in any way please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Dendy Cromer // Southern Zone Rep.

Hello All!! My name is Dendy Cromer, Southern Zone Representative for the TBG. I’ve been the Southern Zone Rep for several years now and I am very thankful for the opportunity to serve our membership in that capacity. I’ve been a bowhunter most all my life, and I made the switch to traditional gear right around the year 1999. I’ve never looked back. For me, It IS what bowhunting is all about. I’m thankful  for the people who took the time to teach me and show me what it’s all about- and now I’d like to pass on what knowledge I have to anybody who is interested. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have. Stay safe, God Bless, and Happy Hunting!!!

Buck Ernst // Central Zone Rep.

My name is Buck Ernst. I have been a resident of Georgia all of my 45 of my 48 years. I have been a traditional bowhunter since 1985. My father was a trad guy and started me with a Red Wing hunter in the 7 th grade. I have never hunted with a compound, but do not see anything wrong with them - they have advanced our sport tremendously. I mainly hunt here is Georgia and on public land for deer and pig. I have shot one small bull Elk in Colorado with a recurve many years ago. I love this sport of bowhunting and especially traditional archery.


As central Zone rep I will hold numerous hunts thru the year to provide ample opportunity for everyone to have a chance to attend and hangout, hunt or even learn something. I encourage those who are interested in traditional bowhunting but not quite there yet, to come to these hunts and see what its about - hunt with your current weapon of choice. Just come!!

Tony Smith // Youth Program Coordinator

Hello guys and gals. I've been the TBG youth program coordinator for the last several years and I've been abundantly blessed by the many young kids (and adults) we've had the opportunity to introduce to the joys of traditional archery. I feel it is our responsibility to make sure folks these days don't lose touch with their basic traditional skills and values. Life is all about endeavors that bring us joy and allow us to serve our fellow brothers and sisters. That is our hope and the mission of the TBG youth program.

P.S. We've been blessed in the last couple years to add a second equipment trailer to compliment our program in the southern part of the state. It is manned by Ed Sandefur.


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