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2024 TBG State Shoot Results

The 2024 Dan Quillian Memorial State Shoot took place this past Saturday in Forsyth, Ga. We had more than 100 people in attendance. The rainy weather was barely a damper as the rain lifted Saturday morning around 8:00 and held off until early afternoon. Then it cleared up to sunny skies just in time for the Iron Pig Shoot off and the awards ceremony. A great big thank you to our vendors who came out, Grumpy Pig Food Truck and Big Jim's Bow Company.

Another thank you to all the members and officers who helped put this event on, many of you guys showed up early to help set up the course and then stayed late to take it down. And finally, a great big thanks to all of you shooters who came out to support TBG and enjoyed a day of comradery with our trad family. The winners of each class are listed below.

Men's Longbow

  1. Matthew Tyler

  2. Ryan Jones

  3. Kai Fernandez

Men's Recurve

  1. Seth Holland

  2. Dorsey Grist

  3. Luke Fincher

Men's Primitive

  1. James Wood

  2. Ben Brown

  3. Al Chapman

Women's Longbow

  1. Jamie Young

Women's Recurve

  1. Elizabeth Curtis

  2. Elizabeth Cochran

  3. Allison Holland

Women's Primitive

  1. Jeanine Marchesseau

Youth 12-15

  1. Sophie Cochran

Youth 8-11

  1. Britt Holland

  2. Hudson Hall

  3. Kytle Cochran

Iron Pig Winner

Hudson Hall

Pope & Young Winner

Robert Kingsbury

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