2020 Dan Quillian Memorial State Shoot

Greetings! We're excited to announce that thew TBG State Shoot has a new date and location this year! Please consider preregistering to assist us with the logistics of the event. Look forward to seeing you there!


Friday May 15 - Coon Shoot 9:00pm

Saturday May 16 - Registration 7:30am - 4:00pm

  • Courses open 8:00am to dark

  • Breakfast available 7:30am-9:00am

  • Lunch available 11:30am-1:00pm

  • Eagle Eye Novelty Shoot - 1:00pm

  • TBG provided spaghetti dinner - 7:00pm

Sunday May 17 - Devotional at 8:30am

Peer Grouped Shotgun Start -9:00am

Awards and closing remarks-12:00 noon


  1. No sights allowed in any class. Shooter must have one foot in contact with stake at time of shot. Scoring is 10/8/5 format. Arrow must be TOUCHING line of higher scoring ring to count the higher number. 10= round center ring. 8= Outer scoring ring outside of the 10. 5= any shot on the body of the target. 0= miss, horns, hooves, base or platform of target.

  2. On targets with more than one set of scoring rings: Score only the rings that are

  3. presented towards the shooter.

  4. Shooting groups should consist of at least 3 but not more than 5 shooters. 2 people are required to keep score and scores must be agreed upon before moving to the next target.

  5. All arrows must be scored before they are removed from target.

  6. Binoculars are allowed, rangefinders are not. Distance to target should not be discussed until all group members have shot.

  7. One finger must be in contact with arrow at time of shot. No string walking or fixed crawl allowed, except in open class. Sights, marks on the riser, etc. are not allowed.


  • Open- Any arrow material or weight, elevated rests, clickers and release aid allowed. No sights, but string walking or fixed craws are allowed.

  • Men’s Recurve and Longbow- Any arrow material, 450 grain minimum. Shoot off shelf.

  • Women’s Recurve and Longbow- Any arrow material. Shoot off shelf. No arrow weight requirement.

  • Senior- Recurve or Longbow. Any arrow material. Shoot off shelf. No arrow weight requirement.

  • Primitive- Selfbow/ backed bow only. No fiberglass or man made laminations. Wood or cane arrows only. No arrow weight requirement.

  • Youth, Junior, Cub- Recurve or Longbow. Any arrow material. No arrow weight requirement.


Shoot Fees- Includes both days shooting and Saturday dinner




Recurve-Men’s and Women’s

Longbow-Men’s and Women’s


Seniors(60 and up)-Coed


Youth(age 12-15)-Coed

Junior(age 8-11)-Coed

Cub(age 7 and under)-Coed

Scoring 10/8/5

60 targets for score

Open, MRC, MLB, Senior- Blue Stake

WRC, WLB, Primitive, Youth- Red Stake

Junior and Cub- White Stake

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